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Bathroom renovation design

The best way to design your bathroom remodelling is to create a scaled 3D CAD (Computer Assisted Design) design of your bathroom, consisting of any components and fitting which you plan to keep, to imagine how your bathroom might look.

At Charles Christian we offer a complimentary assessment service, where we pertain to you, measure and assess your bathroom, carry out an expediency study and develop your 3D scaled bathroom model for you.

You'll have the opportunity to try out essentially unrestricted designs, tiles and floors, colour schemes, sanitary ware, bathroom vanities and accessories. We'll use you a no-obligation, binding quote for your bathroom remodelling work. This means that while you're under no responsibility to buy, we are under obligation to stick to the used cost, with no concealed bonus.

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Tired Of Your Outdated Bathroom?

If it's time for a bathroom renovation, it's finest to contact the specialists. Renovating your bathroom is generally an exceptional financial investment, including luxury to your bathing experience and value to your home. Nevertheless, undertaking a job such as a bathroom remodelling by yourself can be difficult, it can take a very long time and costs can spiral out of control.

When considering a bathroom renovation for your home or service, you need a service that is 2nd to none. Modern Bathrooms are bathroom design and setup specialists serving Dublin and Ireland. With our wealth of experience and transparent charge structure, we'll make remodeling your bathroom into a trouble-free experience.

Bathroom Renovations by The Experts

Once you've produced your bathroom design, if you 'd like Modern Bathrooms to refurbish your bathroom for you, you can rest assured that you're in excellent hands. We'll renovate your bathroom to your picked style, and to the highest specs. From streamlined and modern to traditional, nostalgic styles, we'll create your dream bathroom. All our bathroom renovation work is ensured for a minimum of one year.

Why Choose Us

  • Fair pricing policy - quote is offered after an initial survey
  • Extra materials can be purchased and delivered to your place
  • All equipment and tools are brought by the handymen
  • A time-saving and efficient service

Bathroom renovation and installation by a team of rapid and accurate installers

Cracked tiles, draughty windows, and malfunctioning plumbing are all symptoms that your bathroom needs to be refurbished and cared for. For both comprehensive and little bathroom renovations in Dublin, Modern Bathrooms Services can offer you with ace bathroom fitters and installers. Modern Bathrooms can work within your financial constraints, correct a bathroom refurbishment cost, and complete a bathroom installation inside the stated time frame. This is a quick and affordable approach to handle this sort of home renovation. And the professional tiler will ensure that you are completely satisfied with the outcomes. Here are some additional benefits of using this service:

  • Following an initial survey, a price quotation is supplied based on your own ideas.
  • Additional supplies can be ordered and delivered to your location;
  • The tiler brings all of the necessary equipment and tools.
  • A service that is both time-saving and effective.

Your investment will be profitable if you combine old-school abilities with new technologies.

What services can professional bathroom installers provide?

  • Remove all existing bathroom fixtures, accessories, and furnishings, including your bathtub, washbasin, toilet, shelves, and any additional units.
  • Remove the tiles from the bathroom's floor and walls.
  • Plaster and plasterboard need to be replaced.
  • Plumbing and electrical work in the bathroom.
  • Bathtubs, toilets, washbasins, radiators, and other units are installed.
  • We provide a comprehensive range of toilet and bathroom repairs.
  • tiling on the walls and floors
  • Installation of new or existing bathroom furniture and accessories
  • Putting together a bath panel and tiling it.

Workmanship that is both time-saving and efficient

Your entire relaxation is secured since the skilled bathroom renovating specialists can operate within a certain price and timetable. In addition, there will be minimal disruption to your and your neighbours' everyday activities.

A fair pricing policy based on your individual requirements

Schedule an appointment with a professional tilerman for a free estimate. We'll send a bathroom expert to assess the situation and talk with you to better understand your repair or remodelling requirements. Following the survey, you will be given a price for Tilerman services, which will cover the cost of labour and supplies for bathroom remodelling.

providing and employing high-quality materials

Grout, tile adhesives, silicone sealants, and copper pipes are all examples of "hidden" components that must be of good quality in your bathroom. This ensures the bathroom refurbishment's lifespan and durability, which is especially important when it comes to pricey bathroom fixtures and furnishings. The usage of floor tiles is an excellent example. If they are not installed on the right thickness of sealed marine plywood, they will fracture, regardless of their quality. To achieve the finest possible outcomes, choose a competent bathroom specialist, such as Modern Bathrooms, with your bath remodel. We ensure that everything in your bathroom is placed with the proper "hidden" materials by staying up to speed with the newest technology and product development.

Amazing outcomes achieved via hard work and several levels of quality control.

All work will be completed to the greatest professional standards, so you won't have to worry. You may always speak with your bathroom fitters, who will gladly offer the finest bathroom installation practises. If you have a bathroom renovation concept, the experts will evaluate it and inform you whether or not it is a good idea. All bathroom modifications will be overseen, and renovations will be completed in compliance with a stringent code of best practises for bathroom refurbishment and installation.

Bathroom Renovation Costs

Do you want to know how much a bathroom renovation costs? Are you trying to figure out how much a comprehensive bathroom renovation would cost? Do you want to know how much a modest bathroom renovation costs? Are you unsure if you have the funds to invest in something more substantial? The cost of a whole bathroom renovation varies greatly across Ireland, starting at €6,000 depending on your selections. Are you beginning from the ground up? Is there any plumbing that needs to be replaced? What about the furniture and accessories? It's possible that retiling or repainting will suffice. Modern Bathrooms's decorative services can aid if this is the case.

When considering a comprehensive bathroom remodel, there are several factors to consider, including whether the present layout is functional and whether or not you require a bath. Showering alone frees up floor space, which is great for tiny bathroom renovations with limited space.

If you're trying to save money on a redesign or remodel, you might be tempted to cut corners or purchase low-cost sanitaryware. If you want a space to appear excellent for a long time, this might be counterproductive. The best method to keep the expense of bathroom renovations in your Dublin home low while still getting the style you want is to seek professional assistance.

A refurbishment typically involves a large number of trades, ranging from plumbers and electricians to tilers. Modern Bathrooms will oversee the project and ensure that various craftsmen arrive when they are needed rather than stepping on each other's toes. This saves time and money by avoiding the need for bathroom renovations. We may also help with material and furniture purchases. Check out our suggested providers for entry-level sanitaryware and bathroom furnishings that will help you acquire quality for less.

Bathroom Refurbishment

Our local bathroom fitters are up to the task, whether it's a bathroom remodel to change your Dublin house or a bathroom refurbishment to give an older property a modern vibe.

Our bathroom renovations in Dublin offer tailor-made solutions to create the space that consumers desire, based on our years of expertise, high-quality materials, and professional attention. Whatever the design requirements, we collaborate with customers to create bathroom refurbishments that please.

Our local bathroom fitters produce new looks that reflect your choice, your style, and your demands, from modest bathroom renovations that make the most of a space to a small bathroom makeover in a historic Dublin house meant to bring the home into the twenty-first century.

With our portfolio of projects, we can demonstrate how bathroom renovations in Dublin should be done and why clients return to us time and time again for bathroom renovations.

Bathroom renovations and renovations

Where should I begin when it comes to fitting Dublin?

Our bathroom refurbishment specialists are here to provide some advice, whether it's a new family bathroom in your Dublin townhouse or a magnificent en-suite or wet room to enhance your Dublin property.

Though doing the work yourself can save money on bathroom fitting in Dublin, the time, stress, and complexity of a bathroom refurbishment project in Dublin should not be underestimated. Gas and electric parts of every bathroom refurbishment work in Dublin should be handled by specialists, as your and your family's safety is paramount.

Check the warranties for any goods you'll be using, including sealant and grout, throughout a bathroom refurbishment or bathroom renovation in your Dublin house to avoid problems later.

Set a realistic time range for all bathroom fitting and bathroom refurbishment work in Dublin homes with expert bathroom fitting crews so that there is as little disturbance as possible during the process.

Tips for Bathroom Renovation & Refurbishment jobs in Dublin!

The following are some of the most important bathroom repair and refurbishment suggestions in Dublin:

Heated mirrors are popular in bathroom refurbishments in Dublin because they assist reduce misting in the shower. This is a terrific bathroom refurbishment idea for a male to aid with shaving or a lady to help with cosmetics application.

Whether you prefer marble, mosaic, porcelain, or other tiles for your bathroom remodel in Dublin, make sure you completely cost everything to prevent overspending.

Allow 10% as a buffer for unanticipated complications while renovating a bathroom in Dublin.

Prepare a bathroom plan to present your bathroom fitter before beginning any bathroom remodelling job in your Dublin home, with defined standards and expectations.

Wall-hung bathroom furniture takes longer to install than floor-standing bathroom furniture, therefore ordinary floor-standing items are more cost-effective when conducting bathroom fits and refurbishments in Dublin houses.

All bathroom renovation projects in Dublin require enough lighting, and placing a light over the mirror puts an unattractive glare on your face, therefore lights on each side are preferred.

Ensure that your plumber covers the carpets carefully before beginning any bathroom fitting or bathroom remodelling work in your Dublin property. All of your breakables, artwork, and ceramics should be dust-free after a professional bathroom installation.

Show photographs of bathroom fitting, bathroom renovation, and bathroom refurbishment ideas to your plumber while you're searching for bathroom fitting, bathroom renovation, and bathroom refurbishment ideas for your Dublin house, so that your vision and expectations are crystal apparent. Your fitters, plumbers, or skilled craftsmen may provide their experience and ideas on how to maximise the outcomes if you do this before any bathroom remodelling work in your Dublin residence.

Contact Modern Bathrooms immediately if you have any queries regarding bathroom fitting or refurbishment work in Dublin, and let us help you obtain the bathroom redesign that will alter your house for the better.

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